The Best Places to Buy a House in Northern Virginia

If you are looking for a new home in Northern Virginia, you will find a range of excellent neighborhoods. Choose from bustling city blocks to quiet, park-filled towns. You can also find affordable homes in open site nearby Maryland. The region offers a wide range of price points, so you can find a house to fit any budget.


If you're looking for a place to retire, Williamsburg might be the perfect place for you. The town was originally founded as a port and has plenty of waterfront property on the James River or York River. You can also find homes on smaller watershed runs and reservoirs. These waterfront properties can range in price based on size and location. In addition, you can find luxury homes in a community called Governor's Land. The community boasts 732 waterfront home sites.

Williamsburg is one of the oldest US cities, but its median age is still relatively young. Its median age is 25.7 years old, which is lower than the state and metro area median. This suggests that the local economy is doing well, which can translate into better real estate investment returns. The town's economy is heavily based on tourism and education.


If you want to buy a house in Northern Virginia, Ashburn is one of the best options. Located just 30 miles outside of Washington DC, Ashburn has low crime rates, a great school system, and plenty of amenities. The area is also one of the fastest growing in the nation.

The area is becoming an important player in the real estate market in Northern Virginia. The city is set to get its own Metro station in the near future. The developer Comstock Herndon Ventures LC has received approval for Phase 2 of Loudoun Station, which will have 1,159 residential units and 166,145 square feet of retail. The development will also feature 3,741 garage parking spaces, including about 1,500 Metro spots.

Residents of Ashburn can be proud of the city's history and current amenities. The area is home to dozens of desirable neighborhoods and boasts a variety of recreational opportunities. The area is home to many lakes and rivers.

Loudoun County

Loudoun County is one of the fastest growing counties in Northern Virginia and is a desirable location for a new home. It has a strong real estate market, good schools, and is close to Washington DC. It also offers great amenities like a good transportation system and a friendly community.

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors set the real estate tax rate each year. This is based on the assessment of real estate, personal property, and vehicles. The County Treasurer prepares tax bills and mails them to homeowners in April and May. While Loudoun County does not have a local income tax, it collects personal property and real estate taxes from residents.

The Northern Virginia community is full of things to do and see. It has excellent schools, great schools, and an active city life. Because of its location and its diversity, many professionals and families have chosen to relocate to the area. Because of its proximity to large cities, the housing market is high and competitive.

Falls Church

If you are looking for buy a house in Northern Virginia, Falls Church is an excellent place. This community has an excellent school system, so you can rest assured that your kids will have an excellent education here. Parents can choose a great public or private school for their kids. A good public school can help your kids graduate from high school on time. You can look at the test scores of Falls Church public schools. However, you must keep in mind that there are not many new construction options in Falls Church. Most of the subdivisions in Falls Church have already been developed, so you can only find a few new developments, but the new construction is mostly a demolition of existing properties.

Another area to consider is Pimmit Hills, which has many older homes. Many of these homes are on a quarter-acre lot and were built in the 1950s. These homes are part of the buy-teardown-rebuild trend, and they can be as cheap as $650,000. You can also find custom-built homes in Falls Church, but these homes are not cheap.


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